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Hiro Imafuji-san (5 dan) varnar för uttrycket sashi-men.

Serious Problem we have in this recent kendo world

This email is not about the Kendo World Magazine but the actual kendo world nowadays. Please take a moment and read this through.

This is an email to tell you to make sure that you know the
difference between sashi-men and small men. I believe that you have read the article of small men in The Cyber Dojo. However, a lot of people out there still think that sashi-men is the word for small men strike.

I've got 2 comments from the same person for the video, how to
strike small men. However, this person does not quite know what sashi-men is. I tried to comment on that matter but for some reason I could not. I will try again later.

You can see the comments at

This is not his fault. So do not attack him in case you want to
comement back. This is us, Japanese fault. I do not know why people started using the word, sashi-men, as small men while it is not preferred to use sashi-men in kendo.

Maybe it has been changed in Japan too. When I was young, sashi-men was so hated by my senseis. It was considered to be a cheap technique to win a shiai.

Unfortunately many people not only non-Japanese but also Japanese refer to sashi-men as small men. Please make sure YOU understand the difference and tell your friends the difference too.

One of The Cyber Dojo's mission is to pass knowledge onto the next generation, which is  hardly seen in Japan recently.

I know you must have your own sensei but please keep what I say at The Cyber Dojo in your head too. My knowoledge is from the late Tsurumaru sensei (9th dan ) and Murayama sensei (8th dan). I am doing The Cyber Dojo to keep their teachings alive.

Hiro Imafuji
The Cyber Dojo -Dojo to Go-

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