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2007-04-05 14:15 #0 av: AnnaL

Sött mail från Masahiro Imafuji-san, 5th dan:


Hi Anna,
How are you doing?
I just wanted to explain something in terms of learning kendo through our videos.

As we all know, just watching these videos will not improve our kendo skills.
We must train all the time. The movements in the videos are practiced in almost every single training if you are at a dojo.

* you have to have shizentai,
* You have to bow,
* you have to wear your shinai,
* you have to draw your shinai,
* you have to sit in seiza and so on.

If you skip these and go straight into just striking, you are not practicing kendo.Especially if you do not train on a daily basis, please practice every single movement before you practice striking.

Remember. Kendo, without all sorts of etiquette, is a brutal stick fight.

Start with bow, end with bow. Please remember to do so before and after you practice kendo.

Thank you.
Hiro Imafuji
The Cyber Dojo -Dojo to Go-

2007-04-05 14:17 #1 av: AnnaL

Hur var det nu, jag har aldrig varit på en en träning med Komaki-san, men jag vill minnas den omtalade övningen "redo-redo"??


2007-04-28 13:11 #2 av: AnnaL

Ååh! Nytt sötomail från Hiro Imafuji! Den här gången sötare än sötast, du lyssnar väl på uguisu-fågeln?


G'day Anna,

It is a very beautiful day here in Japan.
This time of the year, we can hear a very nice song nearly every

The song of Uguisu, a little bird that the Japanese really
appreciate its song in spring.

If you want to know more about uguisu click below.


A picture of Uguisu click below.

The song of uguisu click below
This is a Japanese website but you can click "play" of an mp player
at the top of the article. You can hear a poem as well. Enjoy the
taste of Japanese spring ;)


If you have a chance to go to Japan, I recommend the time of spring
especially between the end of March to the end of April. You can
enjoy sakura (cherry blossom) and a song of uguisu.

Sakura as you might have noticed in the movie, The Last Samurai,
represents a life cycle of a person.

Normally the cycle consists of ...

The beginning of blossom = birth,
Be in full bloom = prosperity,
Falling/scattering flowers = death.

It is a good idea to know what the Japanese sense/feel from the
seasons because it sometimes helps us to understand kendo theories,
such as the words used in the Last Samurai.

Anyway, I updated an article "itsuku."  This is used a lot in Kendo
so hopefully it can help you understand the concept of "itsuku".



Hiro Imafuji
The Cyber Dojo -Dojo to Go-

2007-05-22 16:02 #3 av: AnnaL

G'day Anna,

How are you doing? It is pretty hot here in Indiana today.
It was pretty cool when I left Japan for the US 28 hours ago,
so I am suffering from this hot weather!

Yes, I was in Japan and I had a chance to visit one of the biggest Budo Festivals in the world, Kyoto Taikai.

I have made a newsletter about the Kyoto Taikai so please check it out. And soon I will prepare some videos of Kyoto Taikai.

The newsletter can be downloaded from below.(*)


Hiro Imafuji
The Cyber Dojo -Dojo to Go-


(*) Hiro har länkat till en sida på vilken han skriver: "You can download newsletter here. You can share the newsletter with your friends and your kendo mates. However, I do not want you to share the URL of this site. I would like to keep the URL of this site as one of the previlleges the subscribers of the Cyber Dojo's Newsletter have."


2007-05-29 23:32 #4 av: AnnaL

Jag måste erkänna att jag älskar Imafuji sensei. Han måste vara den sötaste videosensei som finns, om inte annat för att han inte kan sluta prata. Och säger saker som:

In kendo we usually use bamboo sword. Okay? Not real sword. Make of bamboo.

Detta ur en tio minuter lång film om hur man hanterar sitt svärd

Jag orkar aldrig kolla igenom hela hans filmer (skulle krypa ur skinnet då!) men det är kul att spola hit och dit och kolla olika saker dyker upp när man skummar.

... och så är han ju så söt också. Som en borttappad hundvalp. Okay? 

2007-05-29 23:37 #5 av: AnnaL


list.gif How to Sit in Seiza in Kendo
list.gif How to Draw Your Sword in Kendo
list.gif How to treat your sword in Kendo
list.gif Ritsurei (Standing Bow) in Kendo
list.gif Shizentai (Natural Posture) in Kendo

list.gifLift your left heel! Why?

list.gifWhy do you do kendo that way?


2007-08-14 21:28 #6 av: AnnaL

How are you doing?
I have finished my post grad recently. yey!
Man, 2 years... that was loooong!

Anyway, I have upgraded a new video today. If nothing went wrong,
you can see, "why do you life your left heel?"


This is a very common mistake that most of beginners have so even
if you are not a beginner but an instructor, it is possibly helpful.

And also, together with the video, "how do you walk?", they can give
 a good start to a beginner.
If you have not watched the video or read the article, please do.


If you have a question, do not hesitate to email me.