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Shimbukan kan sin tsuki

2007-03-29 17:01 #0 av: AnnaL

2007-04-05 17:23 #1 av: AnnaL
Jag har lite svårt att höra vad som sägs, men här finns citat från KWF:

I was acctually there, I'm one of the shimpan. The best part is how some of the spectators start the dicussion if you can win on knock-out in kendo. Here's the translation of what's being said.

Quote:Magnus (behind the camera) - What a tsuki.

Stefan (on the ground) - The shinai didn't hit the floor, did it?

Stefan (on the ground) - Will you give me a hansoku for stepping outside the shiai-jo?

He is on the floor after a mean tare-tsuki and all he can think about is the outcome of his shiai, that's the spirit.

Olov (shimpan): - One, two, three, everything is still there.

Magnus (behind the camera): - We count to ten, right?


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